Sandro's PC

Not to worry about the computer bugs!

Intel Pentium-III/733 133MHz FSB

Abit Abit SE6 Intel-815 chip

InwinInwin ATX MidTower 300w Power Supply

Creative Labs 52X IDE/OEM

TDK Velo CD/RW 8 X 4 X 32

Western Digital Expert 20.5GB Ultra HD Ultra-66 3.5LP 7200RPM

Panasonic LS-120 2x Int IDE

Generic 384MB PC-133 SD RAM DIMM

3Com/USRobotics 56k v.90 PCI hardware modem with voice

Creative Labs SoundBlaster Live! X-Gammer

ASUStek V7700 GeForce GTS PURE 32MB

Microsoft OEM WIN98 Second Edition


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